Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Second Worst Internet Marketing Strategy Ever?

Hi fellow internet marketers this article will help you understand the method I use to generate

Traffic to my website or blog at no charge what so ever. The method I`am talking about is article

Marketing let me explain a little more about articles and the way you can get website traffic by

Writing articles.First you write an article about anything you pick the subject it`s up to you.

I like wrighting on subjects related to the internet or internet marketing but it`s your choice.

Once you have picked a subject that interests you and you think will interest other people start wrighting .Usally an article is about 300 to 1000 words this seems to be the norm although it could be longer if you which. Once you feel the article is acceptable it`s time to submit it to places

On the internet like or these are just two but if you do a search on the major search engine on the internet you will find more than enough free article sites looking for your article.

Now you have submitted your article it won`t take long before it`s listed on google, msn, yahoo ect. Most times it will be listed in the top 10 on most search engines within 2 weeks or even farster in some cases.The higher the listing the more free traffic you will generate to your website or blog. It realy is that simple to get a ton of traffic to your websites or blogs just by submitting an article like this one and then sit back and wait for the stampede of traffic you will receive.

I hope this helps you get the traffic you want it has helped me and the results are amazing.

If you want check out my blog at`s full of wonderful

Information to help make your life easy on the internet.

Regards Robert Brereton

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