Monday, November 19, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs allow retailers to dramatically increase sales without taking on additional staff or spending a fortune on advertising. With an affiliate marketing program in place, you can attract innovative, ambitious entrepreneurs who would jump at the chance to sell your products. You probably have a pretty good idea of how much you could earn if you had even one part-time person promoting your products. But how much could you earn if you had dozens, even hundreds of affiliates “pounding the pavement” on your behalf? Retailers pay affiliates anywhere from 20%-50% commission on sales made from their marketing efforts. If you wholesale any of your products, you probably already have adjusted your prices to compensate for this expense. Still, the commission is a small price to pay to have access to demographics you might otherwise never reach on your own. The top affiliates have extensive contact lists, some which exceed 100,000 people who signed up to receive information from that affiliate. You can also set up an affiliate marketing program that pays affiliates a set amount for each new, unique visitor to your site, and for each person that subscribes to your newsletter or joins as a member of your website. A simple Google search will turn up scores of automated affiliate marketing programs, and many shopping cart software sites offer programs with built-in affiliate programs. Once you set up your program, you will need to develop marketing materials and other information that will help your affiliates promote your product line. The top affiliates look for retailers with extensive materials, and regular updates. Create a secured page on your website where affiliates can download new materials. Remember to promote your affiliate marketing program the same way you would promote your own products. For the last 4 years, MoreNiche have been helping people drastically increase their monthly incomes through online marketing. With all the support you could ever need to get started, a friendly advice forum and commissions of up to $175 per sale, MoreNiche make improving your lifestyle easy

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