Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How To Use Clickbank To Generate Monster Profits

How To Use Clickbank To Generate Monster Ongoing Profits
- by Andrew Fox
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ClickBank is the Internet's largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web's most popular products are sold every day.
What what people don't realize is howeasy it is to get started with Clickbankand how you can start generating sales even if you have your own product.
There are a few ways to do this.
1) Acquire Resale Rights to a productyou don't own, create an page for affiliates and supply them tools to promote and feed of their efforts.
2) Promote products as an affiliateusing Pay per Click Search Engines
So which method is best?
I've successfully tried both methods,both with good results.
For the beginner I recommend promoting products as an affiliateto get used to how the system worksand to help sharpen your pay perclick search engine advertisingskills.
Acquiring Resale Rights to a hot selling product can be lucrative venture when set up correctly.
In fact I managed to generate over$25,764 in sales for a resale licenseI paid $197 for without spendinga penny on advertising.
I was able to do this by leveragingClickbank's instant affiliate forcewhich I teach in great depth in mynew course Dominating CB.
Once you have built a successfulcustomer and lead list thereare also several ways you can leverage this into even greaterprofits.
Clickbank is such an attractive proposition for affiliates to use.They know they are going to getpaid twice per month and on clockwork every time.
Sometimes product ownerscomplain that the fees are higherthan the average merchant account but the ability to leverage it's massive network of affiliatecan results in mega profits whendone correctly.
Warm Regards,
Andrew Fox
Andrew Fox has been marketing onlinesince 1999 and has sold millions ofdollars of products. You can viewhis #1 best seller on Clickbank now at
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