Monday, July 14, 2008

One of the best guides on social Marketing ever.


I have just read one of the best guides on social
marketing ever. It is called the Authority Black
Book by Jack Humphrey.

Jack is the go-to guy who consults gurus and
experts the world over on link building and
social marketing strategies.

I have watched my traffic and rankings improve
drastically by applying what Jack has in the
Black Book.

What is strange to me is that Jack is just giving
it away. Its jam-packed with resources and
tactics to immediately start driving more website
traffic and I know he could charge for it and
make a bundle.

But its really a no strings attached download you
can grab right now and start benefiting from

I mean, like in the first 1/2 hour of reading and
applying the first tactics!

It was not rated the #1 ebook for bloggers by for nothing. People can be found
praising the Black Book all over the web in
Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

You should grab it tonight and devour it.

And do not forget who sent you all this free
traffic! :)


Robert Le Gay Brereton

P.S. - The Authority Black Book is now in its
second release. This is the newest 2.0 version
released this spring. So if you got the Black Book
from last year, you need to download the new version.

It is even better with tons of new information!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make real money on the internet you need your own product. Yes, I know about affiliate marketing and how you can make money from that, but how about if you paid affiliates to sell YOUR product? Doesn’t that sound a bit better? Yes, it can be difficult to create a product, but nobody ever made a fortune without doing something themselves.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Create your own product and get All the Traffic You Want!

If you want to make real money on the internet you need your own product. Yes, I know about affiliate marketing and how you can make money from that, but how about if you paid affiliates to sell YOUR product? Doesn’t that sound a bit better? Yes, it can be difficult to create a product, but nobody ever made a fortune without doing something themselves.

First decide what kind of product you can make. If you are a computer whiz kid you can probably write some software to cure a problem that a lot of people have got, and you would probably make a fortune from it, but we are not talking about computer whiz kids. We are talking about ordinary people. There is a lot that ordinary people can do.

The best type of products are those that are electronically deliverable. You want something that people can download as soon as they purchase it. Why is this? Because all you have to do
is produce the product and advertise it. All the collection of payment, delivery, thank you letters and receipts and so on are carried out automatically. You can sell a product, get paid for it and deliver it with a thank you note and receipt all while you are sound asleep. All you need to do is have breakfast, switch on your computer and check out your bank account. It’s that easy.

So what products can be delivered over the internet? The most common are ebooks.
Once you get your product you can sell it on clickbank.To advertise your product and get traffic Try Robert Le Gay Breretons Site to get all the traffic you want to you website or blog. Just click on the title above to see site.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

How To Setup A Profitable Blog or Mini Site Part 3

The next article in this series will look at how to drive traffic to your blog or mini site - the element of online marketing that most people get stuck at.

Here we'll look at the primary ways of driving quality traffic to your niche site. Keep in mind that the phrase QUALITY traffic is important - we only the want the visitors who might buy our products and make us money - we don't want freebie seekers in this business model.

The first and best way to generate traffic is to do as I've described in the previous article, which is to produce content based on long tail keywords from your niche. After optimizing your page well for this term, and using the in built pinging fucntion to notify other websites of your new content - you can be ranking and getting traffic for uncompetitive terms within the first few days of your site's existence.

After this, there are many ways to approach your traffic generation.

1. Article Marketing: This is essentially (though often misunderstood) the process of having articles you've written, published on websites other than your own, for the purpose of including a link back to your site and funneling traffic from their site to yours. You can do this with article directories or with other blogs and websites by contacting the site author. Either way, the extra exposure from these sites can drive through important relevant visitors to your pages.

2. Ongoing Keyword research and SEO: The reason I believe in having a big focus on SEO is that the people who have a specific problem and are looking for a solution, tend to gravitate toward a search engine. Yes there are millions of web viewers who don't go near a search engine but they can be harder to target and can represent not as high a quality traffic. In other words they don't tend to make you as much money.

Continually finding new keywords that represent relevant traffic for your products, and continually creating content to target those visitors is about as smart as you can be with ongoing traffic generation.

3. Link Building: This is both for the purpose of boosting your search engine rankings and increasing exposure to your website. You have probably heard that links back to your site from relevant websites indicate your site is more trust worthy and worthy of better SE rankings. At the same time, a link on a relevant website, whether in a piece of content on a sidebar, can increase visitors to your website. You should make it a point to continually do activities that motivate similar sites in your niche to link to you - or even if not in your niche, site's that could send you relevant visitors.

4. Using Social Networks: Using the myriad social networks like Digg, Mysapce, Facebook, Stumbleupon etc can be another great way to increase traffic to your website. Just by submitting all the posts you make to your blog to site's like Digg and Stumbleupon, you can earn yourself extra backlinks, and the potential to have your content seen and then shared by new members of your target audience. As is becoming clear, almost EVERYONE online hangs out at some social network for some reason, and if you can find where your target market is hanging out and leverage that, your traffic can increase exponentially.

Finally, remember that when trying to generate traffic to your blog, you should consider your niche before deciding which methods to utilize. As I've said before, using a social network might be great, but certain niches might be too technically unadvanced to know about social networks, and they only use Google. Some niches might be more easily approached by use of visual media like video rather than article content. The bottom line of traffic generation is where are my target market hanging out, and how can I get my site in front of them in a way that contributes value to their lives.

I hope you've found this traffic generation article helpful. Next we'll look at the management of a successful blog.


Friday, July 4, 2008

How To Setup A Profitable Blog or Mini Site Part 2

In the first article in this series we looked at the first step to creating a successful blog or mini site namely, the selection of a truly profitable niche.

Once your niche is selected, you obviously need to create a website to capitalize on it.

Blogs in particular have become such a popular choice for niche marketers because of their extreme ease of use, ease in maintaining, and ease in updating. Not to mention that the structure of a blog is generally by nature, search engine friendly. AND furthermore, where it isn't, there is always a third party plugin to make it so.

There are many ways to create a successful blog, and the one you choose should reflect an understanding of your target market. What we'll look at here is an example of one such method, that focuses on the generation of free traffic, and the promotion of an affiliate program for monetization.

The first thing you need to do is create a blog that's visually or aesthetically sound. A visually sound blog, other than just looking pretty, is arranged in a way that maximizes all the content you create, by maintaining your readers attention, and drawing the most attention to your affiliate program.

There are a few ways you want to do this:

1. Choose a blog theme with a predominantly white background and with black text. Simple advice, but often ignored. Black on white is the easiest for the eyes to read. Other colour schemes can quickly tire the eyes and make it hard to maintain concentration.

2. Choose a clean and neat theme. You don't want too much going on. It should be very clear where your content is located, very clear where your sidebar and navigation is located, where your other categories can be viewed and so forth. If a reader comes from a search engine, they should know exactly where they have to click to get the information they want. Generally I say the less options the better in terms of other features on your blog.

3. There are certain pages you absolutely want to have on your site. These are a Privacy Policy page, an About Us page, and a Contact us page. Google in particular looks at these things as indicators of a serious, quality, non spammy site. Furthermore, you want to have an archives page (easily achieved by the SRG Clean Archives plugin if you use Wordpress), so as not to have your archives taking up valuable room in your blog sidebar.

There are more factors but for the sake of this article not being 9000 words, we'll move on.

Once you have an aesthetically pleasing blog, you need some reader pleasing content.

We're going to assume here that you have a product selected. Of course the next step after picking your niche (sometimes these tasks are one and the same) is to select a product that you'll promote to the niche. This is where you'll earn your cash.

So once you've got a product selected, and the base of a good blog created as above, your job is to create some content that the people in your niche will find valuable and use that content to drive your website's visitors to the merchant's page and earn an affiliate commission.

At this point, you should have your niche's keywords researched - by that I mean you should have some idea of what might be a good place to attack the niche from. Ideally you'd have some keyphrase related to your niche that are uncompetitive in terms of the number of pages optimized for them in the search engines.

Where you'd ideally start your content creation is by writing an article on this uncompetitive term, posting it on your site and getting it ranked in the search engines. From here, you can develop as much content on search phrases from your niche, as you desire (remember you got those phrases from a tool like the Wordtracker keyword tool) in order to increase traffic to your site.

Some factors we didn't get to mention in this article are things like On page optimization, making your pages of content rank well in the search engines - and monetization - the art of getting the highest percentage of visitors to your site actually making you money. But for a basic overview, I think we've done alright.

In the next article we'll look at driving traffic to your website.

AUTHOR BIO:Robert Le Gay Brereton

Thursday, July 3, 2008

How To Setup A Profitable Blog or Mini Site Part 1

This will be the first article of a 3 part series on the big question what makes a successful (as defined by profitability) blog or mini site. I believe there are 4 components and the series will contain 1 article on each of them.

Let's get started.

The first key to the success of a blog or mini site is that it has to target a group of people (a niche) who are hungry for information of a specific nature. In other words, I'm talking about the selection of your niche.

The group of people that your blog or mini site targets has to be a group of people who have problems. Problems in the sense that they are looking for a solution to something, looking to improve something. Furthermore, in a great niche, that SOMETHING, is something that causes pain. Financial pain, physical pain, emotional pain, some sort of pain, for the simple reason that people who have pain are the people who will want to buy solutions to that pain, and hopefully from your website.

If that sounds a bit sick, trying to exploit people with pain, it's not. It's called marketing. You've had marketers doing it to you your whole life and you probably never even knew about it, why can't you do it too? And what's more, you're actually going to provide these people with a real solution, so you're being helpful!

Anyhow moving on.

So you're looking for a group of people with a problem, but that's not all.

Your next concern has to be whether there are enough of these people searching for solutions to their problems on the internet. How many is enough you ask? It's a good question. With certain kinds of sites, all you need is 10 visitors to your site a day and you can turn a nice monthly profit. Other niches and products that you promote you might need thousands per day. It all depends on what you sell, and who to, AND how much commission you make when you sell to them.

The things you should do are look at the search volume, as indicated by a tool like Wordtracker. Here you're simply looking at how many searches per day a particular keyphrase gets in the search engines. Then after that, you want to look at whether there are other sites or blogs that are competing in the same niche.

Contrary to what alot of people think, NO competition isn't necessarily a good thing. NO competition could and often does mean that it's not a profitable niche. What you actually want is SOME competition, but CRAPPY competition that you can DESTROY by making a better site, providing better content and in a better way.

The final piece of the puzzle of finding a good niche, is whether the niche has a quality product for you to promote. You need something to sell to these people, that is high quality, has great marketing material (sales letter etc, so it will convert your traffic well) and pays a decent commission.

This is of course assuming you're looking at the affiliate marketing model of making money with your blog - which I suggest if you're looking to retire from your job and earn a full time passive income, you SHOULD be. There are other ways to make money where you might think about some different factors in your niche selection.

So if you can combine all of the above factors when selecting your niche, you'll be giving yourself and your new blog the best possible chance of success. I hope you've found this valuable.

AUTHOR BIO:Robert Le Gay Brereton

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Next month see's the launch of the much awaited Firepow Blogging Software from Andrew Hansen.

Of course many people are contemplating, as they do with many products, whether or not this will be the boost they need to unlock the door to online business success. This article will look at what about this product is pure hype, and what might be an actual benefit, in order that you might form an educated opinion about this program.

I might play devils advocate and start with the negative.

Firstly let it be clearly known that no product, software, ebook or membership, is going to make you money - YOU have to do the work YOURSELF - sales letters love to give the impression that a product will do something FOR you but unless you're willing to MAKE IT happen yourself - nothing will help you.

I expect Firepow to fit this category. Particularly because it's a software that automates certain tasks, I expect it convey the feeling of doing things for you. So don't fall for it - whatever it says, remember that YOU will have work to do and if you're not ready to do that then this product won't help you.

Phew, now that that's out of my system, we can continue.

What does seem good about Firepow so far is that it combines the functions of various pieces of software into one 'machine' so to speak - which if only for the sake of nothing else but convenience, makes it a good thing. Less programs on my computer, less to think about, and hopefully less to do.

The things it combines are the tasks of (as the sales letter indicates) creating, marketing and managing your niche blog sites.

It does these things with the use of wordpress plugins, and features inside a central software, from where you can view or edit any of your blog sites - another big convenience factor.

The plugins are both a list compiled from existing plugins on the internet and those created specially by Andrew himself.

It's these fresh meat plugins that seem to be the big selling point as promises have been made of effects like stealing viral traffic, multiplying your content automatically, and giving the site owner the capacity to get in touch with other site owners for extra leverage.

Supposedly it does everything from create your site (content too) to get you traffic and beyond - a hard ask for any program and I guess we'll have to wait to see whether it delivers.

Most of us know that niche blogging works but just haven't connected the dots fully yet. If that's you - Firepow might be worth a look.


Don't forget to use in your article
Regards Robert Le Gay Brereton