Friday, June 27, 2008


Hi My Name is Robert le Gay Brereton and i want to tell you how i built my list.Everyone kept telling me the money is in the list and for awhile i just didn`t believe this to be true.So after trying all different methods adwords, which can cost you big bucks i stumbled on an idea and started building a huge list of opt-in buyers.I soon found the money was in the list so i purchased a FFA website for a low price which runs on auto and pulls in 45,000 leads plus per month.So i went from no leads to over 45,000 per month and haven`t looked back since i now promote my products to my list and generate lots of sales as a result.So believe me when i tell you the money is in the list,so get your own list you can get a website on my FFA website and start building your own list is the site if you care to check it out for yourself Regards Robert Le Gay Brereton

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