Thursday, April 17, 2008

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Hi [[firstname]],
Are you ready for the most amazing offer you've ever been presented with?
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Welcome to the new Money Maker!
2008 is the year of Easy Money. And you're going to be making boat loads of the stuff just because you're lucky enough to be reading this email.
Today you're going to get everything handed to you on a silver platter.
Alan Humphreys has just released a new website that has irreversably changed the way profits are generated online. And right now, the site is still in a trial launch period where he is offering his amazing concept (in full detail) completely free of charge to the first people who take action and visit the site.
There is absolutely no risk or out of pocket expense to get the full inside scoop on how to make tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 12 months using one simple strategy.
But you do have to hurry and be a person of action. I just went back to his site, and it looks like the offer is being withdrawn later today, so if you want to get in to this on the ground floor, ahead of everyone else.....for free, you need to go visit it now.
There has never, and I mean NEVER, been an opportunity for you like this one.
All the best,
Robert Brereton

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